#281: Mawson Gallery

Mawson Gallery is a tiny studio and gallery built into a suburban home on an ordinary street. I’ve passed it hundreds of times on my way to and from the home of a particular student, so when they cancelled their lesson* I squashed the urge to just go home, and I went there instead.

I was greeted at the door by two small and hysterically excited dogs. Two artists** were in the studio, and they answered my questions without intruding.

It took me about five seconds to ask, “May I touch things?”

I’d come across this:

I was assured that not only could I touch it, I could rearrange it. It was a movable sculpture designed to be interacted with.

From that point on, I was hooked. I love art that can be touched.

The above is a clay postcard with handmade buttons by Linda Davey, which costs $55. Seriously adorable.

The below is West George Street (Glasgow), made from stoneware and zinc. I deliberately photographed the glare, because the background is completely smooth and the foreground is smooth *swoon* It’s $400.

Many of the items in the gallery are “kitchen art” that is beautiful and handmade while also being useful. Most of those were made by one of the women I met.

And some traditional pictures too:

This was raku fired, and costs $140:

Given how much I hate ornaments in my home, it’s odd that I so passionately love sculpture. But I do. There were three stunning bronze pieces about 30cm high. This one is called “The Rehearsal” and it’s $2,200.

But this is the one that couldn’t help but draw the eye. It’s “Lily” by Berendina de Ruiter, and it’s $2,150. That’s the studio area behind her.

The marble itself is smoother and cooler than glass. Marble is the coolest substance ever, and that is all I have to say about that.

*and still paid me, thanks very much – only fair, since I’d driven all the way over and knocked on their door only to discover the student was sick.

**human artists, in case you’re wondering.

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