S#28: To the theatre

On Saturday CJ and I went and saw the manic hilarity that is the One Man Lord of the Rings – if you have a low opinion of my discerning theatre tastes, you should know that Ian McKellan loves it too (along with various critics).

Did I mention manic? The guy does the extended trilogy in an hour – with battle scenes, death, pure evil, all the most iconic moments, and nine main characters. It’s seriously intense (and, sidebar, you might want to avoid the first three rows if you don’t like getting spat on – but you also want to sit close enough to see his astonishing range of facial expressions).

Many of you will know the “Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien” – the musical-commentary version of the films, by Martin Pearson (the audio is available from any good geeks in your area), which goes for about three hours. The two shows are equally brilliant, and completely different (not in style or passionate geekdom, but all the jokes are different).

Definitely awesome. He’s playing at the opera house soon, so see it if you can*.

Otherwise, just go to a school play for five bucks and see how it goes.

*Unless you haven’t seen the extended trilogy**. I assure you it makes no sense without the movies.

**He paused partway through to ask a series of questions: How many of you have read the books, and seen all three films? (Pretty much everyone.) How many of you have seen all three extended films? (Pretty much everyone.) How many of you have seen all three extended films. . . on the same day? (90%)

I personally have seen all three extended films on one day – three times. Can any of you outgeek me on this one?

Hey, guess what! This is the VERY LAST official item from the original inspiration for Daily Awesomeness. I’ll be posting the full steffmetal.com list with my comments and photos on Saturday.

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    1. Lol, W. Although there WILL be a skyfire blog. There’s some pretty pics and video.

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