#307: Ebay Fu

In answer to your question, yes I DO intend to put “fu” on the end of absolutely everything.

Ebay, as I suspect you already know, is a wonderful shiny treasure trove of relatively cheap stuff. It is also far and away the best place to sell a lot of things, including jewellery. (CJ and I investigated secondhand jewellers, Gold Buyers, and Cash Converters, and found they tend to buy things at less than 10% of the value.) On the down side, ebay listings can also cost quite a bit.

I’ve now sold most of my grandmother’s $12,000 stash of glittering treasure for between 30 and 50% of the official value. Most recently, I sold these two beauties:




Which is awesome. The second is a black diamond (a substance that apparently comes from space and is found in only two areas of Earth) worth $2400 – which, let’s face it, looks like not-very-pretty glass. So I was heartily glad to see it go. Also, ya know, I got money for it (hence recently getting out of debt).

I still have a few things listed, but if they don’t sell they’ll make some beautiful heirlooms.

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7 thoughts on “#307: Ebay Fu

  1. ‘In answer to your question, yes I DO intend to put “fu” on the end of absolutely everything’

    …Maybe you just have ‘Fu’ Fu…

    (Narrowly resists urge to make ‘Frou-frou’ and/or ‘Foo Fighter’ puns)

  2. Hmm, you got me curious so I looked it up. There are two minerals which are commonly referred to as ‘black diamonds’.

    Anthracite, which is just an especially hard form of coal.

    Carbonado, which is what you seem to be referring to. Nobody actually knows how it was formed. Though you are right, one of the leading theories was that it was formed in a supernova and one meteorite of it fell to earth while South America and Africa were still one continent (the two spots where the mineral is found were one spot at the time).

    Other theories about it’s formation suggest that it might have been formed by the actual impact of a meteorite or that high levels of radiation or high heat/pressure similar to that which creates diamonds was responsible.

    Very cool though, I’d be sad if I were saying goodbye to my little bit of supernova.

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