The Black Diamond has been Stolen

Yep, that’s right – my life is either a spy thriller or a heist movie.

I mentioned at that I’d sold my $2400 black diamond ring on ebay. I have been paid in full and thus posted it off long ago – and I have proof, too (which is suddenly very important). More importantly for the buyer, I was smart enough to insure it for the full value. . . which should mean there’s no victim here, but also means HE HAS A MOTIVE!

But then, so does his postie.

Or. . . Australia Post has a computer error and the black diamond is just sitting on a desk (or more likely under it) somewhere.

According to Australia Post, the diamond has arrived at the address and been signed for by “someone in the household”.

According to the buyer, no-one was at home that day.


Here it is, the $2400 piece of (probably) meteorite (as discussed in the previous post’s comments):

Will the truth ever come out?

Will I be taken to court and questioned as a suspect and/or witness?

Is the black diamond cursed?

We may never know the truth. . . but SOMEONE has committed a diamond-related crime with my inherited family fortune.

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6 thoughts on “The Black Diamond has been Stolen

  1. That’s assuming the driver didn’t sign it himself (herself) and leave it on the doorstep. I know someone who discovered $1000 worth of stuff left on there doorstep sign for by the driver – and admitted to by the courier company.

    Good thing you registered and insured it!

    1. Stu: Wow, dodgy (though also understandable). That certainly sounds plausible – in which case hopefully they’ll admit it when asked.

      Actually, they won’t have to – the signature is the key to everything. The cops may have to use a handwriting expert. (Again with the cool factor.)

  2. Also opens the door for people to say they never received it – no way to tell if it was pinched off the doorstep or not…. 🙂

    1. Stu: If that’s what happened, the postie is in a LOT of trouble. . . which he/she pretty much deserves, what with the whole “forging a signature” thing.

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