The black diamond mystery. . . solved!

I received a message from the buyer of the black diamond this morning. . . it turns out the crime was a crime of customer service, rather than fraud or theft or forgery.

The ground-level postman forgot to leave a “pick up your parcel” slip at the buyer’s house (two weeks ago).

The customer service person I spoke to on the phone simply lied about the signature (disgrunted post office worker + abused phone staff = pants on fire).

When the buyer took further action (going to the post office in person?threatening police action? threatening the post office in person? utilising the services of someone called “Billy the face”?), the TRUTH was REVEALED.

He now has his diamond. Says it’s very pretty.

The End

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2 thoughts on “The black diamond mystery. . . solved!

  1. It once took Aus Post 10 weeks to lose then find a parcel sent from Melbourne to Canberra. In the meantime I had called the people I had ordered from, taken advantage of the insurance I had purchased, had a new item ‘made’ and sent. I received the replacement 3 weeks before the first one showed up. It wasn’t tracked so I couldn’t yell at them. But it did result in a handy gift for family 😀

    1. Ann: Oh dear – but I think I can top that. My family had a parcel take nine months to go from Florey to McKellar. . . neighbouring suburbs. My gandmother (in McKellar) sent a parcel to us when we were living in Papua New Guinea. She marked it with “PNG”. It bounced around a LOT of places before getting to the correct address. . . but which time we’d moved back to Florey. Several months later, the parcel finally found us. . . five minutes away from where it was posted.

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