BBQ at Pine Island

Bil (Brother In Law) and his girlfriend visited Canberra last weekend, and gathered their friends and relations for a barbeque at Pine Island. It was quite peculiar meeting the girlfriend because I know she reads this blog (which is really flattering  – and makes me think, “Oh dear. What horribly embarrassing things does she already know about me?”) She was exactly as charming as I expected – and now I’m all annoyed because I have another non-Canberra person to miss when she’s not here.

Curse you, rest of the world!

And here’s Bil:

Here’s the paparazzi, in the form of Bil and CJ’s dad:

I’ve been to Pine Island exactly once before. On this occasion it was a cold and blustery day, but there was no way I was going near water without having a paddle.

The water was. . . well, let’s call it “invigorating”. The mud beneath had a surprisingly sticky quality, much like I imagine the slime from the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Totally worth it.

“Is that a. . . ?”

Play along at home: Imagine your own underwater horror and fill in the blank.

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    1. Ann: I had a jacket, but it was long so I took it off in case of splashing. The beanie is welded to my head until spring.

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