Fish tanks are like tattoos. . .

. . . once you have one, you want more.

And so it was that CJ and I bought another fish tank (just a little one, and with the totally rational excuse that our fighting fish would be happier on his own).

Here it is, before little Gandalf was put inside:

Naturally this meant I had an excuse to buy more fish. I bought two semi-tropical guppies. One of them died more or less immediately (presumably, since only one died, he was sick when we bought him – and it’s therefore not my fault). The other looks a little like this:

Shiny, shiny colours!

Coming soon: Steam Train to Bungendore (there shall be costumes, and pics) – and a Eurovision party (ditto).

What could possibly go wrong?

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    1. W and Ann: The Eurovision part is, yes. *wandering off to email details to Ann*

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