On the day of the steam train, a bunch of us wandered down a Bungendore street to a cafe. A horse in a field beside the pavement hung its head over the fence. I patted it on the nose, then invited my six-year old nephew to do the same. The horse was calm but optimistic. Just as CJ took this photo, it tossed its head – hoping the hand that patted it also brought it some food. It made BJ jump.

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6 thoughts on “Horse

      1. If it’s not taller than you, it’s not a horse…. Quite simple really…. (you being an adult, this rule would not apply to the nephew as that pony is taller than him!!!)

      2. No. Same species, but rather like dogs, there are well defined breeds. A pony must be shorter than 14 hands at the withers (147 cm at the shoulder). They apparently evolved to live in harsh country that couldn’t support the larger types of horse…..

        For those of us who care, to say horse is to indicate a tall animal, a pony a short one… I like tall ones.

      3. Ann: I like the taller ones, too – but ponies are less daunting for kids.

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