Celebrate the season you’re in

Here, as I overcompensate for yesterday’s long entry, is a picture of an autumn tree:

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate the season you’re in

  1. You know, I was really enjoying this litle twitter tale – it felt like it had more ground to cover. The ending today, not so cool. Therefore, I’m going to scrub the ending from my mind and remember this as the awesome twittertale that never ended 😉

    Actually, that seems to be a common theme in the twitter tales. I can’t remember any others off the top of my head, but I do recall thinking a few times that the conclusion didn’t finish out the story nicely, feeling a little rushed.

    Perhaps other people feel differently to me, who knows – but I get the impression you like getting data in the form of random cousin feedback 😉

    Otherwise, it has occurred to me that you’ve been posting snippets every day (or close thereto) for a year and a half now, which I think is deserving of kudos. So there, you have +1 kudos 🙂

    1. Thanks Jolyon. It got a few days in and I realised how thin the story was….the form just drives me nuts, as a novelist. I’ve been writing twittertales almost two years now (in August, I think). The next tale is the converted short story “Stan’s Ultimate Milk Bar”. Sadly, I think you’ve already read it.

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