Belucci’s Restaurant

It’s a pretty, pretty Italian place in Woden (Canberra). CJ and I ate there last week in an effort to entice my body to take on more food. It worked well at the time.

I love all the wood, glass, and brick – with highlights of marble and steel. One of our friends did the lighting. This photo was taken with CJ’s phone, and doesn’t do it justice.

We took photos of the (rather nice) food, but I can’t stand to look at them again, sorry.

Pregnant women are infamous for vivid dreams. Last night, between 1am and 8am, I dreamed the following:

A pleasant afternoon with my long-dead grandparents; sneaking lemonade cordial into a radio station where I was due to read out 1 Kings (from the Bible); the pregnancy side-effect of mushrooms growing out of my hair, forehead, and the roof of my mouth (that dream also featured Lily and Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother) – oh, and my blood turned green; kissing a girl (who was displeased that I’d suddenly turned goth since we began dating); learning to drive a big rig during Christmas traffic.


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2 thoughts on “Belucci’s Restaurant

  1. Your pregnancy dreams are leaking. I just woke up from a dream that I was pregnant, and had weird cravings. I don’t remember what they were, but apparently I was worried that if I didn’t fulfill the craving the whatever it was inside me would come out wrong.

    1. W: LOL! You are such an infp (that’s a myers-briggs personality, for those playing along at home). Incidentally, right now Mini-Me has tiny webbed hands.

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