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One of my friends recently bought a flat. It’s so incredibly exciting to watch all the drama unfold, and have no actual financial responsibility of my own.

I saw the flat before she moved in, when it had the tenants’ furniture in it. I wanted so badly to see it when it was completely empty and pristine, but I was too sick and had to settle for photos. Still cool, though, and I can’t wait until I’m well enough to go and see it in its fully-moved-in state.

CJ and two other manly men helped her move in – scoffing at stairs, and making the move way more exciting by using the “direct route” (observe the couch cushion on the left):




Congratulations, Ann – you’ve done an amazing thing.

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9 thoughts on “Move House

  1. You could have cropped me out – now there is pudgy photo on the net for all time 😛

  2. *goes to the wayback machine* Mwahahahaha. The internet never gives up its secrets! (actually, don’t worry, the wayback machine wasn’t quick enough to catch this one).

    I am impressed by the masculinity of the direct route. Especially given it’s on the _third_ floor. *tips hat to CJ et al*

    1. This is Australia. Like in the UK, the bottom is the ground floor, then the first, second and so on. You can call it what you like in the US, but its only a second floor unit – having only 2 flights of stairs. We promise not to correct you for your Americanisms, let us have our Australian idiosyncrasies.

      1. Ann: He DID make the move more dramatic-sounding, though.

        Too lazy to get prettier pics.

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