Second-hand shops. . .

. . . are the awesomest.

All the couches CJ and I own are from op shops, including a sofa bed similar to this one:


I love this table:


And, if luck is with you (as it was with me several years ago), you can buy a wedding dress for a few hundred dollars:



When did you last visit a charity second-hand shop (to buy, not donate)? What did you buy? Did you play dress-ups while you were there?

PS Congratulations to Neil Patrick Harris on his upcoming wedding.

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4 thoughts on “Second-hand shops. . .

  1. Just last week. I bought a hilariously tacky shiny silver shirt for $5. Guess what I’m wearing for Eurovision next year?!

  2. You really have a thing for glass top tables dont you!!! Personally I would break it in the first week. Also important to note that they aren’t really child friendly..

    1. Ann: Yeah, I might buy a table like that in ten years. It’s the cast iron that really gets me. Mmm. . . metal. . .

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