Hello, Mini-Me

Before I forget: The “me” in Mini-Me refers to whoever is speaking at the time. It works best with relatives, but all humans are pretty similar when they’re babies, so ultimately there’s a little bit of all of us in Mini-Me. Hence the name.

Today I’ll be calling Mini-Me “he” some of the time, and “she” some of the time. I won’t know which is true until the 20-week scan.

Yesterday, at an estimated 12 weeks and 6 days, CJ and I and every single one of Mini-Me’s future grandparents wheedled our way into an ultrasound room and took a good look through my skin.

Given the amount of medication I’ve been on, I was rather pleased to see that Mini-Me has two arms, two legs, and a perfectly normal spine and face. He wriggled and giggled and kicked and waved. There was rather a lot of butt-waggling, and I had to keep myself from giggling and making things even harder for the technician.

Mini-Me did headstands, and arched her back, and swam around like a little fish (at 13 weeks, she has plenty of room to move). He stretched and turned over and facepalmed. At 7cm from head to bum, she looks basically human – and she is. He even has teeth growing inside his gums, and ears and lungs and eyelids.

After taking various measurements and checking the heartbeat, the technician told us the new, more accurate due date. . . 18 January! Absolutely no change, which means Wednesdays will still mark the end of each passing week. Which also means today marks the beginning of second trimester.

Sorry, what’s that you say? You’d like to see pictures? Oh, if you insist.

As CJ put it: “There’s a HUMAN BEING in there!”

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9 thoughts on “Hello, Mini-Me

    1. Thanks, W and Stuart! Funny how exciting it is to see a blurry little human the length of my hand.

    1. Ben: His butt-waggling is definitely from CJ’s side of the family, I feel.

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