Gain super powers

Pregnant women often notice a bizarre increase in their sense of smell. When my parents gave CJ and I a lift to the ultrasound on Tuesday, I smelled a dog in their car. Not dog, mind you, *A* dog. A specific dog. A specific dog that has travelled in that car before – but has also been dead for over two years. And no, it’s not the only dog to travel in that car.

Not convinced? Like more measurable results? Okay.

On Monday I went to my optometrist for a routine appointment. She is thorough, and insisted on re-testing my eyesight despite the fact that she tested it only two months ago. It turned out that it’s a good thing she did: my eyesight has improved.

“I’ve heard that pregnancy sometimes changes the shape of the cornea,” she said, “but I’ve never actually seen the effects before.”

I can only assume that I’ll have ninja skills by Summertime.

Who wants to be my sidekick?


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9 thoughts on “Gain super powers

    1. Stuart: Since he’s been doing all the cleaning, I figure he’s Albert. Also, he’s British.

      1. Do you mean Alfred, Batman’s butler? ‘Cause that would be cool. Albert, butler to Death of the Discworld would also be okay, mostly, but I don’t think he’s British. Actually, now I think about it, he’s played by David Jason in ‘Hogfather’, and my love of Danger Mouse and Duckula makes that awesome. Not as dapper as Alfred though. Still sarcastic.

      2. CJ: It’s the sarcasm that really makes him awesome. And the inability to be shaken by anything that happens.

  1. Surely CJ’s too obvious. Not that I’m putting myself forward. I’d make a terrible sidekick. I’d always be getting into trouble and having to be rescued, and … hang on…

    If I suddenly hear rumours of a PregnaGirl roaming the streets at night, vomiting on crooks, I’ll know to be really, really nice to you.

    1. W: Most people are sensible enough to be really, really nice to ANY pregnant lady.

  2. I just realised that you carry your sidekick already. Mini-me is an ideal sidekick. He gives you your powers, she is probably going to get you or himself into trouble, and will pull off surprises at unexpected moments. Plus Mini-me already has his own power – she has the power of cute!

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