The female mad scientist

Here‘s an article outlining the history – fictional and otherwise – of the female mad scientist.

And here’s the cat picture I forgot to post yesterday (she’s lurking because she’s hunting mice):


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4 thoughts on “The female mad scientist

  1. Dr Blight! That’s, like, the only character from that list that I recognise, but still, Dr Blight is awesome. (Also Poison Ivy, but I don’t know if she’s a mad scientist so much as a femme fatale that uses bogus-comic-book-science to justify her femme fatale status). I see this is tagged Steampunk – has your book got a female mad scientist in it? If so, there’s probably a whole bunch of really interesting gender stuff you could do with that.

    1. Joe: My book has a high-class british young lady with a mad scientist father (executed for his crimes), and she most definitely takes after him (but doesn’t get to do much with it, because she’s a lady – at least, not in book 1).

  2. This book is filled with the clever inventions from all types of Steampunk characters and eras.
    I loved the pictures, the musings and the whimsical bits of advice each section covered about the Steampunk genre and the “hopeful” eveolution of it all.
    I am a Steampunk fanatic, but haven’t had the courage to go to a convention yet.
    Armed with the knowledge of this book, I will get myself to the very next convention I can, fully dressed and ready to interact with everyone I meet.
    I bought this book in hardback, as there is simply not a chance of it being anything less than a Collector’s edition.
    I am seriously thinking about buying another copy, as mine is less than 3 days old and it is getting dog-earred already.
    Absolute treasure!

    1. Sherri: Enjoy your con when you find the right one. Make sure you take your camera.

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