Aaaand. . . how about you?

So what did you guys do with youselves on the weekend?

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14 thoughts on “Aaaand. . . how about you?

  1. We skillfully avoided going out to CostCo to avoid the crowds.

    On a geekier note, I finished rebuilding my home network storage computer (FreeNAS) on new(er) more reliable hardware. It will now reboot and recover from power faillures without hanging on error messages.

    1. Stuart: Well, I understood your first sentence. One of my friends is already obsessed with CostCo. As a result of bulk-buy candy, CJ ended up eating Reese’s peanut butter cups for the first time. Cue instant love.

  2. The fact that I have to pay $60 just to get through the door really puts me off CostCo. Also, being but one person, bulk isn’t necessarily appealing!

    I personally spent my weekend alternating washing with Eureka. I admit it – I’m totally hooked 😀 I’ve watched 20 episodes in 3 days!!!

  3. And on a side note – Louise – I do believe its a cop out to let us fill in your blog for the day!

      1. Stuart: First of all, thank you. Ann is just a big meanie. Secondly, yay! Finally people are talking to each other as well as to me. This experiment has been a success!

      2. A few years ago, I watched the entire first season of Blakes’ 7 in 2 days while suffering from a severe flu.

        Delirium and classic BBC special effects go together surprisingly well…

      3. Ben: A mutual friend of ours had some beers before watching “Happy Feet” the second time, for much the same reason.

    1. Ann: $60 to get in?? Seriously??

      And DUH it’s a cop out. Not that I can take the credit for thinking of it. A lot of my favourite bloggers did it first.

      1. Yup. You cant get in the door without a membership. And its a photo ID thing – so you cant just borrow someone elses. You can find someone who has paid for it and get them to take you in, but the effort involved in finding someone who had enough money to throw around that they would waste – sorry, spend, $60 to get in is way too much for me!

    1. Seriously, Will, do something INTERESTING some time.

      You’re becoming a shut-in…

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