Mini Big Nose

Still very sick. The last time I had a non-nauseous moment was Sunday, and my ability to eat food isn’t improving at all. I did a little research on ondansetron (Ondaz Zydis) and discovered there are no known issues with taking it during pregnancy (the crucial word being “known” – it has been tested on animals, but of course you can’t test these things on humans). I’ll probably start taking it again tonight.

Here are my predictions about Mini-Me’s future:

Big nose (both sides of the family, several generations)

Intelligent (both sides of the family, several generations)

Uncoordinated (both sides of the family)

Introvert (both sides of the family, and all the grandparents)

Vulnerable to cancer (CJ’s side) and mental illness/dementia (my side).

Will be born with either dark hair (my side) or white-blonde hair (CJ’s side), and will probably have blue or green eyes.


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