Dance like THIS

Back when I was talking about the Tour de France, someone mentioned the Midnight Oil song “King of the Mountain”. CJ showed me the clip. This clip.

Watch it, my peeps – not for the song, but for the seizure-like rock moves of the lead singer. In my opinion, he and Freddie Mercury both have the gene of sheer attractiveness-defying rock and roll awesome.


The best part? That man now holds a prominent position in the Australian Federal Government.

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5 thoughts on “Dance like THIS

  1. He’s no where near as, ummm, animated as Peter Garrett 🙂 Some part of me seems to remember he has/had cerebal palsy, but i can’t see anything to back that up in the brief search I did.

  2. That someone was me. And, yeah, Peter Garrett’s dancing is always pretty spectacular.

    1. Joe: I still don’t really know what the song’s about, but it hardly matters.

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