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On 7 September (if not before), I will be announcing whether Mini-Me is a boy or a girl (or indeed a hermaphrodite cthulhu). Place your guesses here, and I’ll pick a winner.


I should admit there’ll almost certainly be no prize other than personal satisfaction. . . but you never know what I’ll feel like doing on the day.

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11 thoughts on “Place your bets

  1. I’m rather tempted to vote “indeterminate”, but that might be the lack of sleep talking.

  2. …I was going to be all clever and say that I’ll bet it’ll be indeterminate on the ultrasound, but since everyone’s done that already, I’ll guess…
    *Musical Sting*

    1. Ben:Apparently some ultrasound operators can pick gender at 14 weeks – and the 20-week ultrasound goes for an hour (they check for lots of stuff). Mini-Me will have to keep his/her legs crossed for quite a while to escape this one.

  3. While it’s tempting to say hermaphrodite cthulhu, I’m betting neither of your DNA is that whacked out. So my vote is it’s a Boy! I don’t have any particluar reason other than it was the first thought that came into my head.

    Is there such a thing as a non-hermaphrodite cthulhu?

  4. I’m going to guess for realsies and say “Girl”.

    I’ve guessed boy (and been right) every other time, so I’m mixing it up a bit.

    I also suspect they will be the re-incarnated dragon warrior the prophecies have been speaking of. So if they start breathing fire… don’t panic.

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