Shopping Spree

There are two awesome things about being pregnant. First, you get a baby at the end. Second, you get free stuff.

Some of my relatives and close friends have already given me various items, but it was the parents of a student of mine that decided to clear out their storage. . . and send soooo much sweet sweet baby loot my way. This is only the first section – a safety chair, a play mat, and a vast pile of girls’ clothing*.

I sorted through five bags, and took out some of the items I found the cutest.



Pregnancy is a lot like engagement, in my view. It is a time when a huge chunk of overpriced merchandise is sold to women at their most emotionally vulnerable, who are forcefully told that they MUST spend thousands of dollars or their future family is doomed.

My reaction is to take it as a personal challenge to spend the tiniest possible amount. So far, the total I’ve spent is $0 (excluding hundreds of dollars on medicine). I’ll let you know how it goes – but I suspect I’ll do very well (I have a mother who expresses her love through gifts; I have a baby shower coming up; I have no shame and well-known poverty; and I have a late-pregnancy Christmas).



*The boy clothing is on its way. They asked if I wanted to wait until I knew which gender Mini-Me is, and I said no. Whatever happens, we plan to have another child (and I suspect second pregnancies don’t involve as much free stuff, so I’m making the most of the time I’m in).

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3 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. You’ll undoubtedly end up buying something…..there’ll be something missing out of all the hand me downs, or you’ll see something that’s just toooo cute 🙂

    But keep a track – I’d love to know how little you spend.

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