Steal your neighbour’s rubbish

Our bathroom didn’t come with a mirror. Peculiar but true. So when I spotted a large mirror in our neighbour’s recycling bin (which is wrong, incidentally – ordinary glass is actually not recyclable), I stole it at once, and duct-taped it to our bathroom window (which happens to be over the sink – hence, no built-in mirror).

For the first time, I could merely glance upwards as I washed my hands and know instantly if I had a cat on my head.


The duct tape added a certain thrill, because it meant the mirror could fall down anytime from today to three months from now. And so it was that CJ and I discussed with his Dad (aka Macgyver with better hair) what we should do to improve things.

Also, the mirror is really old and streaked with brown lines.

Also, it was blocking the tiny amount of sunshine that gets into the bathroom.

The logical thing to do was buy a darn mirror. My fundamental budgeting strategy is, “Don’t pay for anything except rent, bills, petrol, food, and non-negotiable social obligations” but even I saw the sense of it.

Then the mirror was mentioned again – this time to CJ’s aunt. She happened to have a mirror that she’d been given as a gift, and had hated for decades. I liked it at once, and found it peculiarly well-suited to our existing bathroom decor.

Also, it’s as good as new.

Also, it can go on a hook beside the window.

Ta da!



The moral of this story is: never buy stuff. It will come to you.


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5 thoughts on “Steal your neighbour’s rubbish

  1. For the climax of the trick, find a willing home for the other mirror (don’t look at me – I’ve nowhere to put it).

    1. W: If no-one volunteers, we’ll sneak it into a skip behind some shops somewhere. Which is at least criminal. That’s always fun.

      1. It’s also probably better than trying to sneak it back into your neighbours’ bin.

  2. I like it and of course it was clearly once owned by an evil queen who persisted in asking it questions about her fading beauty…. but that was not CJ’s aunt of course – she is one of the good ones!

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