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Looking back at the “place your bets” entry where readers guessed Mini-Me’s gender, there were two votes for “boy”, several votes for “indeterminate/neither/cthulhu” and one vote for “girl”.

Which says a great deal about my readers.

It also means there is a clear winner.

STEFFI, you may collect your prize of Personal Satisfaction from the downtown office at your earliest convenience. Congratulations.


In the meantime, I need a name. No you mad fools – not a REAL name! CJ and I will work that one out ourselves. But since our daughter will one day be a hot 16-year old, we won’t ever be using her real name online.

So what I need is a name that says “daughter” to the casual reader. Sort of like “Junior” instantly tells you that a man is so-and-so’s son.

Or just a handy name to use online. Throw your suggestions in the hat!

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16 thoughts on “Pick a Name

    1. W: I can’t help gravitating instantly to “Cthulette” for so many obvious reasons. . . but “Louisette” is actually brilliant for saying exactly who she is without needing to explain anything.

    1. Ann: It really says it all (without needing the slightest explanation), at least for the first few years of life.

      1. There’s something so earthy about it…….. But like so many others, is sure to result in open revolt at some point.
        My two nicknames as a child were Tuppence – apparently all I was worth (courtesy of my Pop) and Drongo (courtesy of Dad) – saved for the obvious ‘what were you thinking when you did that?’ moments……

  1. I wound up using my children’s star signs; they’re neutral enough, and broad enough (i.e., if you Google “Libra” you’re unlikely to come up with posts about my child), to serve. As a bonus, the kids seem to be pretty typical for their signs, too, so the monikers seem reasonably appropriate.

    You could always try the baby name genie!

    1. Jaqbuncad: Should be easy to remember, though I suspect she’ll hold on until the last minute, and get born in February.

      Right now I’m leaning towards Louisette.

  2. C.J’s nickname (still used by his dad … I tend to call him ‘Darl’ ) is Poss… this made me think of ‘Possum Magic’ written by Mem Fox.
    Mem Fox also wrote ‘Koala Lou’ and the famous line in the book is ‘Koala Lou, I do love you’. So my vote goes to Koala Lou (nice relation to Louise) and we WILL love her. Very long winded but there you are 🙂

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