A little bit post-apocalyptic, a little bit rock and roll

The perfect place to be when disaster strikes is just close enough to feel a thrill, but far enough away to be in absolutely no danger. I’m in precisely that place today. Also, no-one has actually been hurt.

The North side of my little city is ablaze with toxic fumes and chemical explosions. Apparently flames are shooting 200 feet in the air. Buses, schools, and childcare centres have been shut down, and residents advised to stay inside with the doors and windows closed (which reminds me slightly of a “duck and cover” propaganda video from the Cold War, but oh well). It’s still burning.

I live way down on the South side. Outside, the sky is blue. Having offered my home as a toxin-free shelter for a couple of Northside friends, my job here is done.

Not much happens in Canberra. We find our thrills where we can.

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6 thoughts on “A little bit post-apocalyptic, a little bit rock and roll

    1. W: Oh dear. Definitely one of those rare occasions correct spelling and grammar is important. Fascinating article! The first comment is interesting, too – saying it was probably a fireman who started the text. You wouldn’t think correct SMS spelling would come up often in his/her line of work.

      1. Yes, I’d be more forgiving of someone who was doing it on the scene while also trying to hold a hose-full of water. My assumption was that it was someone in the emergency services office.

        It was, however, 3.30am when they sent it. I’ve sent less comprehensible messages during waking hours (as you well know!)

      2. W: It does seem like it should have been an emergency communicator. . . but at 3:30am, who knows?

        You’re rubbish at predictive text. I frequently have to guess what you’re saying based on the combinations of phone key letters that you pushed. But at least you can spell. As a teacher, bad spelling irritates me far more than a little detective work.

  1. I heard about that this morning! I used to live in Canberra, and have quite a few friends still there. I was a bit worried, but it seems everyone is ok. Phew. What a drama!

    1. stace: The biggest issue was a sudden lack of normal services – mail, buses, childcare, etc. It was logistical chaos in some areas.

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