Baby Brain versus the Fuzz: Conclusion

As detailed here, here and then here, my general lack of practical life competence caused a police officer to pull me over in September and tell me that the registration I’d paid for our car had not gone through. It later became clear that, although the money had indeed left our account (just after we knew I was pregnant, and just before I became extremely sick – sick enough to fail to notice that the rego sticker never arrived), the customer reference number was incorrect.

Our bank automatically remembers customer reference numbers, which is super handy for every type of bill except car registrations, which require unique numbers each time a payment is made. (This is not something I’ll be forgetting in a hurry, but I’ve written it down most emphatically in a number of useful locations all the same.)

It was easily sorted with the Road Transport Authority, but the police were another matter. They’d given us fines totalling $1100 for driving around all unregistered for so many months. The RTA and I together explained the error via email, but the police chief’s representative said that the fine still applied. If I objected, I could appeal to the Magistrate’s Court.

I appealed, and was instructed to wait for a summons to court. Would we be given a court date while I was still sick, and so giantifically pregnant I could barely walk? Would it be in January, when I could go into labour at any moment? Would it be in February, when I’d just given birth and hadn’t slept since? Or would it be in March or April, when CJ and I would be in Beijing for a wedding?

Yesterday I received a letter from the police saying they’ve reviewed my case and cancelled the fine.

And voila! All is well once more.

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