Pregnancy Outfits (part two)

Part one is here.

29 weeks. This dress was just cute. It gives shape in three ways – showing arms, showing legs, and giving a “waist” just below the bust. I wore heels just for the photo. Most pregnant women can’t wear heels, because they become extremely uncomfortable – and because fatigue + major centre of gravity changes = falling over.










32 weeks. This dress was made of stretchy fabric, which was great until it became rapidly baggier. It was slightly too wide under the bust, which was perfect for me because the slightest hint of elastic anywhere hurt meΒ (but it was close enough to my actual shape to preserve the “high waist” look).













The “hide your belly” school of pregnancy tends to go for all-black outfits (which at least match everything, but they certainly don’t hide one’s belly for long). The down side of black is that it picks up every hint of dust, cat hair, or food in the room and displays it proudly (usually on one’s newly-expanded bum).

At 33 weeks, this was my first and only actual maternity dress. It has a generous amount of fabric (much of it gathered handily just above the belly, with a conveniently adjustable tie at the high-waist line) and is even long enough that I don’t have to shave my legs to wear it (an increasingly difficult task). The adjustable tie made it my most comfortable outfit, and the gathered fabric meant that, although it was stretchy fabric, it didn’t get baggy.












34 weeks. This dress and the above both had rather low-cut necks which I fixed with strategic stitches in the right spot (which only works when the neckline is made up of two pieces of fabric folded over in a V). Just because my breasts have grown doesn’t mean I want them running around the neighbourhood making new friends.

The blue dress had extremely light, comfortable fabric. It felt great, but/and exaggerated every curve (not all of which are attractive, even if you like the pregnant shape). Also, the fabric was so light it was a little see-through – and there was no way I was wearing another layer underneath – so I had to wear it cautiously (eg indoors).












35 weeks. This dress was also amazingly low-cut, and Mum suggested I wear a singlet. A singlet would definitely ride up and bunch somewhere unfortunate, so instead I wore a crop top (grey). Crop tops are made to be tight, so I had to find and buy one that was four sizes larger than my bra size.

But if I wanted to take more belly shots (without the belly being covered by clothing, I mean), the crop top would be very handy in its own right. It will probably come into play when I’m in labour.












Since I’m at 35 weeks today, that’s the lot!

I never did get into the horizontal stripes favoured by the “show off your belly” school, but there’s always next pregnancy πŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Outfits (part two)

  1. All looks very comfy, I too liked the cardigan-thing (not very technical when it comes to clothes). I lived in overalls my first pregnancy as we had no money & someone passed them to me, and I can’t remember what I wore the next, though am reasonably certain I wore something, I was just too busy working and chasing a toddler to notice. Actually like the last (35wk) dress best – flattering & looks comfy. Great post πŸ™‚

    1. Pink Thistle: Overalls! Of course. The only dress I actually bought was the black and white one, from a secondhand store (which had a good range, because a lot of people wear their maternity clothes while pregnant, and then donate them).

  2. I love the black ones on this page, 2 of them. I also like that you seem to know you look hot in them πŸ™‚ and I really like your hair up in the last one, very pretty.

    1. Belle: Thank you. The photos in the plain black dress were taken at the Christmas party that I blogged about today.

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