Good to go

I’m at 36 weeks today, with less than a month until the due date. If I went into labour now, Louisette would be premature (and delivered in hospital rather than the birthing centre), but the staff wouldn’t try to stop the labour. In one week, she’ll no longer be premature.

CJ and his brother were both born at around this stage in the pregnancy, so we always promised each other to be good to go by now – and we are. The labour bag is as packed as it can be; CJ has moved his computer out of the study/baby’s room; the bassinet and cot are both set up; the car seat is installed in the car.

It is great for me to see everything in order, and it’s a nice way to remind myself that I’ll soon be able to brush my teeth twice a day, EVERY day! and so much more. Oh, and I’ll get to meet my daughter too.






For the last week, my nausea has increased again, including cramps every day and just general silliness from my digestive system. It turns out there is a very good reason: Louisette has begun heading for the exit!

There are five “stations” between a normal baby locale and the “fully descended” position. Louisette is at the first station. Some babies don’t descend at all until partway through labour (others are positioned the wrong way up for ages, sometimes leading to an extra painful breech birth). Louisette, however, is perfectly positioned for labour. The fact that she’s partly descended means two wonderful things:

1) Unlike my mother, I will probably not need to be induced due to extreme lateness.

2) I probably won’t have to push as long when I am in labour.

It is hugely encouraging to know that things are genuinely happening in a giving-birth direction.

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