Sarcastic Christmas Letter

It was the best of news, it was the worst of times.

January: For our two-year wedding anniversary, CJ and I flew in a hot air balloon over Canberra – and I began writing a steampunk novel featuring a ballooning bushranger.


February: We took a pre-emptive babymoon to Merimbula, and went horseriding for my birthday.


March: Began trying for a baby.

April: Had a chemical pregnancy (a miscarriage so early that I wasn’t even late – at the time, we thought it was a faulty test).

May: Pregnant! Woot! Immediately began eating all kinds of super-healthy food, and prepping frozen meals for first-trimester nausea. First-trimester nausea hit, and hit hard. Went to hospital twice, lost seven kilos, and didn’t eat a proper meal for two months.

June: Very sick. Began taking zofran. Gave up most of my work (all of it casual).

July: Very sick, but improving. CJ subbed in at my remaining jobs. Cats showed sympathy by throwing up around the house.

August: Sick, but able to work four hours a week. A USA agent requested the full manuscript of my novel (but later rejected it).

September: Sick.

October: Sick.

November: Sick. Also muscle pain and sudden intense fatigue as the January due date drew closer. A second US agent requested the full manuscript of the finished steampunk novel.

December: Sick. Didn’t give birth. Note to self: Next time you create life, use cadavers and electricity.

Coming next year: A baby! The ability to brush my teeth without risking vomit! A thrilling adventure to Hong Kong and Beijing! More surprises! Writing success at last??

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6 thoughts on “Sarcastic Christmas Letter

  1. Look at your beautiful bump xo I’m terrible at following most blogs but I look in from time to time when people facebook them. Exciting news about the book! And you’re going overseas? Fantastic, many friends who travelled with wee ones said the first year is the one to do it, once they’re mobile it gets a lot harder. Blessings for a quick and easy birth xo Love Nikki 🙂

    1. Hi Nikki! I haven’t talked to you since you gave me advice on gluten-free scones (which were delicious, thank you). Any birth that produces a baby is a good one 🙂

  2. You poor thing! But we are looking forward to seeing the beautiful baby photos. Hope the birth goes smoothly for you. I am sure your book will be very sucessful. All the best for 2012. Love Judy

    1. Thank you Judy! People say that a bad pregnancy leads to a good birth, so I’m pretty optimistic. The book will take a lot longer 🙂

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