Contractions, Clients, and Concerts

I’m still having contractions. It’s been more than four days. I predicted that I’d ride the high of ,”Yay! Something is happening!” for three days, and that’s about right. Now I’m back in the zone familiar to all late-term pregnant women, where it seems that the pregnancy has lasted and will last forever and ever amen. The hours of helpless nausea and fatigue crawl by.

On the up side, my sister arrives in town tomorrow: the last member of the labour A-Team.

Things one shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman in her eighth month:

1. Get some rest now – you’ll need it

Not only is this actually a fancy way of saying, “Things are about to get much, much worse” it’s also stupid. Thanks to the miracle of pregnancy, it’s already been months since I slept more than four months at a time. Right now it’s 4am and I’m being punished with insomnia (right at the hour hunger – and thus nausea – kicks in due to the pregnant metabolism) because of daring to have a one-hour nap this afternoon, when hormones had me so tired I could barely sit up or keep my eyes open. As far as my body is concerned, that level of tiredness is now normal and must be endured rather than dealt with.

2. Speaking of labour, let me tell you MY horrifically traumatic labour/early parenthood experience.

Take your issues to a professional.


Today’s article has some charming tales of clients from USA agent Kristin Nelson.


PS If you live in Canberra, check out this series of free orchestral performances happening between the 14th and the 21st of this month (take a gold coin so you can make a donation at the door if you want to make some kind of contribution).

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2 thoughts on “Contractions, Clients, and Concerts

  1. 14th to 21st is when I’m holidaying at the beach… but I live hours away from Canberra, so I’d be missing out anyway.

    Ooh, a new blog for me to follow 😀 Thank you!

    1. Bonnee: Kristin Nelson’s blog is one of my favourites. The best Australian agent blog I know is “Call my Agent” by the anonymous Agent Sydney. The updates are very infrequent, but the backlog has plenty of goodness for you to feast on.

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