Men Make Fix

I come from an academic family, so my father-in-law (trained as a carpenter) is quite an exotic creature to me, and I love to see him and CJ (also most definitely an academic first) working together. You may remember that part of our ceiling collapsed many many months ago. There were delays as tradesmen and insurance representatives ummed and ahhed. Finally my father-in-law couldn’t take it any more, and begged to be able to fix it (in a temporary-but-secure fashion). My landlady said yes, and CJ and his dad did their manly thing. I mostly kept out of their way, but I still enjoyed the whole experience.

Oddly enough, the finished result is curiously beautiful – like a mosaic. Best of all, the parts of the ceiling that hadn’t been temporarily fixed (and were thus ready to collapse at any time) are now secure.

Also, the wooden squares match our light fittings. Just saying.

PS No changes contraction-wise.

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6 thoughts on “Men Make Fix

  1. CJ’s dad has read your blog and hastens to let your readers know that the ceiling has been fixed only temporarily as to fix it it properly would require you to vacate the premises! However, it will outlast your tenancy and that’s all that matters from his point of view. He is particularly happy to know that his granddaughter won’t be woken by a collapsing ceiling!

  2. It really is a neat effect. Perhaps the landlady will just leave it (at her own risk) because it looks artistic. 🙂

    1. W: It’s probably safer than the normal methods of repair, because CJ’s dad simply works to a higher standard.

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