Self-publishing disappointment  

Writer Beware (a group that exposes those who are scamming innocent/ignorant writers) often hears from self-published authors who are convinced they’re being ripped off by their self-publishing services–but it’s more likely that their expectations were unrealistic.

Kids, major publishers aren’t out to gleefully reject you – they WANT to publish good books. They’re just aware that the market is lacking. Self-publishing is certainly not going to change that fact.

And here’s a picture of a cat, as per usual – but with a bonus baby and CJ, as our family gets used to one another:

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2 thoughts on “Self-publishing disappointment

  1. Self-publishing is not something I fancy at all for myself and I’ll probably stick to getting published because a publisher wants me. Nonetheless, another good blog about writing for me to follow, thank you, you seem to add to my resources quite often.

    Baby CJ Cat picture so cute! 😀

    1. Bonnee: I know publishers get it wrong sometimes (or, you could argue, the market does) but I do think they know better than 99.9% of writers. because knowing the marekt is their job, after all.

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