Buy something truly stupid

My brother and I have something in common (other than genetics): we both own an artsy and unique coffee table. Although they’re different shapes, they both have a dark glass top and strange, leaf-like legs. They match almost nothing on earth – except each other. We both quietly covet the other person’s leaf table, while simultaneously wishing we could put our own in storage for a few years – they’re desperately impractical, not at all child-safe, and just the right height to be constantly banging the shins of the unwary – until we buy a house big enough to put them in (something we both plan to do in the next few years, if we can).

When my sister in law spotted another leaf table for sale online, she decided not to get it – but told me about it. CJ and I discussed it, and decided it was a silly thing for us to buy when our flat is much, much too full already. That was exactly why my brother and his wife didn’t get it.

But. . . we couldn’t just let it go. So my bro and I flipped a coin. I lost (or did I win?) so I bought the table. And I love it.

Ana likes it too.

What stupid things have you bought lately?

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4 thoughts on “Buy something truly stupid

  1. You know, I sat beside this and rested my glass on it, and still didn’t notice that it was new to your house!

    1. Ann: I was thinking of mentioning it, but I knew you’d read about it soon enough.
      Life as a blogger is weird sometimes.

      1. It was probably because I am used to the other one……. I did think it was weird that it was in the centre of the room….

      2. Ann: You’re not the only frequent visitor who failed to notice anything amiss. I think it’s because the two tables are so distinctive – therefore anything with leafy legs must be the original table.

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