The Muppets Movie

Saw it last week (yep, that’s right – I left the house and everything).

Jason Segal and Amy Adams pretty much ARE muppets. They’re so G-rated it’s almost creepy (but isn’t creepy. At all). They’re so likeable you almost hate them (maybe I did actually, a little – I hate the “if you can dream it, you can do it” genre in all its forms).

This movie was incredibly sweet and heart-warming and dorky, with a whole lot of big star cameos (I was so disappointed Neil Patrick Harris didn’t sing) and a surprising number of genuinely funny lines (“Boy, that explosion looked expensive”). Jason Segal was one of the writers, and I’m pretty impressed. His humour is very childish and G-rated – again, perfect for the muppets. Kermit as always is brilliant, Miss Piggy is. . . Miss Piggy. . . and the rest are just as hapless and loveable as ever.

The singing and dancing was very well done – yes, that’s right, it’s a musical. A highlight was the song “Am I a Muppet or a Man?” featuring a familiar face from The Big Bang Theory TV show.

The main character was Twilight-esque in the sense that he was a blank slate for viewers to project themselves onto.

I’d actually recommend NOT seeing this on the big screen. Muppets don’t benefit from being made giant. But if you have a kid, you’ll enjoy watching this movie with them.

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