Steampunk Dress: Part 1

Okay, I’m not ENTIRELY finished the outer top layer that I was hoping to have finished by now. Too bad.

This section is designed to go over the top of the dress, and attach on to it around the waist (which is as high as I can get it). I think it would also work as a top in its own right.

The pieces:


The material is classique suiting (whatever that means – all I care about is it doesn’t seem to crease), with interfacing sewn on. I pinned the pieces together at the shoulders and sides, and then made adjustments – and did the same thing again (more accurately) once I’d actually sewn those seams.

As you can see below, it’s designed to open in two panels at the front, like overlapping doors. There will be buttons down the middle seam (I cut it so it’s closer to the middle and looks better), and a waistband beneath all this. First I need to gather or pleat the front bottom seam. I have some nice steampunky buttons ready to go. I’ll post pictures when it’s fully done.


I learnt a fair bit as I went along, most importantly that it doesn’t matter HOW much you tell yourself, “Don’t cut the tablecloth, don’t cut the tablecloth” – you’re going to cut the tablecloth.

Coming soon: Other bits! Grommets! Press studs! More startling events due to my creative methods!

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