Toilet rolls and duct tape

Here we have, set up beside the breastfeeding chair, places for my mobile, a muesli bar, pens, two types of medication, the camera, lollies, and my diary. Genius.

They used to all just sit on the chair, but Ana (who paused to absent-mindedly lick Louisette’s head as she walked over the chair arm yesterday) likes to bolt down the hall and leap onto the chair, skidding across it with a startled look and scattering everything on it. (The milk you see here is safe because it’s nestled behind a tissue box weighed down with two novels – one for CJ and one for me – this is also one of the “put the baby to sleep” chairs.)

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    1. Bonnee: Oops yes. . . should probably mention that she wasn’t, for example, an eccentric neighbour.

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