Kong Fu: Day One in Hong Kong

So here we are in Hong Kong, with all CJ’s immediate family and the family of his brother’s fiancé. We’re staying in four different locations, and all of them are spectacular. To me, Hong Kong is exactly like an unrealistic-but-awesome fantasy land. I just love the way intensely steep and be-jungled mountains have been shoved together with glittering cityscapes. And beaches! And more islands! Mountainous ones! It really has it all.

If you live on the Eastern side of Australia, you’re probably familiar with the Clyde Mountain road (the one with Winnie the Pooh corner). It’s a fabulously twisted road through gorgeous semitropical forest. Hong Kong is like that, but more so – and with skyscrapers. And the ocean.

Here’s a paparazzi shot of yours truly hastily writing yesterday’s blog entry (our home location didn’t have internet, so we took my laptop etc to lunch at the soon-to-be-in-laws).

And here’s my own paparazzi shot of CJ and his dad, both with binoculars looking at the view.

Louisette and myself, same window (the pollution hazing such a stunning location is simply heartbreaking).

A random sculpture for your Monday afternoon.

Louisette’s first time at a beach. She was about as impressed as I expected. (The others had been on an epic hike/nice walk (depending on who you ask) up a nearby mountain, which has views arguably better than the famous views from The Peak (which is where, since we’re tourists, we will be going on Wednesday), but no crowds. I opted out, and Louisette and I slept.)

We sat on the sand and watched the sun set – from left to right in the first photo: CJ’s mum (also Mum of the groom, who I call Bil as in brother-in-law), the bride’s mum, the bride, and the bride’s sister.

We ate dinner at a Thai restaurant on the water – and yes, naturally we ordered the fried morning glory. It was just a spinach-like vegetable, sadly – not even an unusual shape.

Tomorrow we’re having dim sum (which we never had in Beijing, since it’s a Southern Chinese specialty).  It was VERY high on my Hong Kong to-do list, and I can’t wait.

PS: Tomorrow (by which of course I mean today) was much less polluted. We took 100 photos, and you’ll only see the best.

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