Kong Fu: The final day

We had classy family happenings today, so we all dressed up. Louisette had a brilliant time watching everyone come in and make a fuss over her.

We had lunch at The Peak (THE The Peak, not just the suburb – where CJ and Louisette and I have been gleefully staying all this time), at the Lookout Café, which had reasonably priced food that was simply delicious. I had Penne al Salmone – penne with salmon, pistachios and a creamy vodka sauce – and CJ had Hoisin Chicken (as you can tell, the menu was somewhat international). Also, I liked the fountain (sidebar: How good does my dress look?? Regular readers will notice I removed the removeable panel at the front to highlight the lacing against the white shirt beneath).

And then we went inside the Peak mall, which has fabulous views. We paid our extra $30HK (about $4 Australian) to go up to the official viewing platform. I wrote more about The Peak at Weekend Notes.

Don’t we look nice in our respectable-outing clothes? And baby vomit free, so far! (I’m not actually saluting you, by the way.)

It was very windy, and the pollution causes an intense and constant glare. Which is how this photo happened – CJ with Bonnie’s grandma (Bonnie is the name I’ve picked for the bride – making the engaged couple Bil and Bonnie). Don’t you just love his facial expression?

Later we went to a Melbourne-esque restaurant district (Hong Kong style, of course) for dinner.

Hong Kong is like a gorgeous woman, beautifully dressed and made up, who has then stood under a sewage pipe for half an hour. It’s impossible not to notice how beautiful it is – but it’s also impossible to look past the filth. I wish I could see Hong Kong without the pollution. Nothing makes me want to become a hard core greenie like coming to this part of the world.

Coming in. . . . oh, about half an hour (assuming the connection doesn’t drop out again). . . Beijing!

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