The Wedding

Bil and Bonnie are married now, and Louisette has gained another aunt. I believe she’s pleased; I know I am.

The wedding itself was short and very sweet – the pair kissed before they were told to (shocking, I know), and they both looked gorgeous. After the wedding a number of booths appeared around the courtyard – a coffee stand (very popular), a photo booth, a place for leaving thumbprints on cards for the happy couple (Louisette left hers, and we all ended up with green fingers), and lots of food tables with scones and so on. It turned into an incredibly classy, well-dressed day at a fair, and everyone loved it. Since it was around Easter time, they also had an Easter egg hunt (Bonnie’s dad brought the eggs over from England) for the kids – and the hope of finding just one more egg kept them entertained for a very long time. Genius.

CJ was best man, so Louisette and CJ and I sat next to the happy couple during the ceremony (that’s Bonnie’s dad – who assures me he carefully tested the eggs before bringing them over – across the aisle).


Bonnie has one sibling, a sister (their family is the mirror image of Bil’s) so their bridal party consisted of one same-sex sibling each.


Bil and his band also played – another genius move, since a few of the guests had never seen him perform (despite the fact he moved to Beijing for the music scene).



(My apologies for cutting the drummer in half.)










CJ and Louisette and I all looked pretty darn good too.






















Best of all, Bil and Bonnie ended up married. Congratulations!!


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    1. Bonnee: Just one week earlier the courtyard where they married looked so different. Spring really happens fast in Beijing.

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