Day Off

Today (at the time of writing) I’m having a day off: a writing day. CJ is taking Louisette to visit some interstate relatives she hasn’t met yet.

In the morning I fed and minded the baby for an hour and a half before having breakfast. I folded and put away one load of washing, and washed and hung out three others (shifting most of one load inside when it began to rain). I washed and sterilised bottles, did the dishes, and put the dishes away. I organised and cooked a healthy dinner for that night, and began social and organisational preparations for the following night’s dinner. I made a fuss over the cats. I cleaned the toilet and bath. I took out the recycling. I made baby food in two consistencies. I took out the potent contents of the nappy bin (three times)  and the kitty litter (once), and wheeled the outside bin out to the curb to be collected the following day. And I was sick, too.

I think there’s some kind of moral to this story.

I also sent the steampunk book to an agent (after researching her recent sales and her likes and dislikes) and this contest; finished constructing the fourth version of my picture book and prepped it for its first publisher; and edited and sent the first book of my young adult fantasy trilogy (the one with pirates) to a UK publisher. And I wrote this blog entry. . .

In other news, Louisette is extremely enthusiastic about standing up – not bad for someone who’s just three and a half months old, and can’t roll over yet!

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4 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. There’s a vague analogy with academia here. We have the “oh, a public holiday, I can work on my research at home!” thing. Unless we have handsome visitors, of course…

    1. W: The writing life and academia have a whole lot in common – including occupational neuroses. You’ll note I got rid of my own handsome visitor 😉

    1. Bonnee: Or maybe now’s my chance to stop wasting my time. I’ve tried to quit writing a few times, and never could. But given that I’ve edited two novels since Louisette was born, it doesn’t look like quitting will work this time either.

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