Poor Man’s Zoo

Yesterday I took Louisette to a pet shop to be fascinated by fish. Shiny, shiny colours and moving parts. What more could she want*?

*other than the ability to put them in her mouth, of course. . .

COMING SOON (and if you live in Canberra you can come too):

Eurovision party this Sunday (you can’t come to mine, but you can host your own). I’ll be playing Eurovision drinking games with lollies.

Free performance of circus band (not actually a circus band, but if that description sounds good to you you’ll probably like them) FLAP! at The Front Cafe Gallery in North Lyneham (yes, near Tillies) Wednesday 30th at 8:30pm.

“The Avengers” showing at the ANU film club Thursday 31st. It’ll cost you $15, but that’s a weekly membership so you get to watch other movies too.

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2 thoughts on “Poor Man’s Zoo

  1. That Eurovision drinking game has some that I didn’t have! I’ll be doing my own Eurovision thing up here (but it won’t be as fun as down there!). I might have gotten an invitation to a Eurovision party last night, so I’ll have to follow that one up.

    1. W: We’ll miss you, and your annual eurovision outfit. If you’ve already scored a local invite, you must be making the right (or oh so wrong) type of acquaintances already. Go you!

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