The Favourite Toy

This week CJ and I decided on a toy we intend to be Louisette’s favourite, and (once the danger of SIDS has passed) sleep-time toy. She really liked a particular monkey toy because it was a comfortable size, easy to hold on to, and nice to chew on. I didn’t like the monkey’s face, so I used it as a model to find something that had it all: no TV brand name, washable, portable, and suitable for a five or a fifteen-year old as well as a baby. It took a long time, but we found Eeyore, and although it’s been less than a week Louisette is already fond of him (we bought three so the creation of dependence doesn’t horribly backfire when Favourite Toy is lost out a car window or has just been thrown up on and needs a wash). As parents, some of your plans come to naught – but some do actually work.

In other news, Louisette has been crying with frustration at every breastfeed (I breastfeed, then give her a full bottle feed, morning and night) so if she continues crying at every single feed for a week, I will let her (and myself) stop.

This amazing photo was taken at my baby-only playgroup this week:

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6 thoughts on “The Favourite Toy

  1. Eeyore is a great choice, I love all the photos…especially the multiple baby one! Louisette sucks the same fingers as me!

    1. Chloe: I thought of you yesterday, when I was very excited about the place my family will be staying for a giant whole-family holiday (which will be eight adults, two children, and two babies!) and I found myself twirling my hair.

  2. Its a lovely touch that only L in the group photo has her feet up….. Me thinks I see some athletic ability lacking in the parents šŸ˜‰

    1. Ann: Hah! I certainly hope she doesn’t take after either of us in the athletics department.

  3. Awwwh what a bunch of cuties!!!!!!

    Having three of the Eeyores makes me think of the part in The Emperor’s New Groove when it flashes back to when the emperor was a baby and the head popped off his toy and he started crying, and suddenly several hands intrude the scene, each offering up a replica of said headless toy (only without the headless bit). šŸ˜€

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