Potato Salad

I had one of those moments today – you know the kind – where a lightning bolt struck my brain and I thought, “Egad! That food that I love so much – I can make it!”

After a brief sortie into Google Land, I had a potato salad recipe. Between being thrown up on, doing washing, getting covered in pulped zuccini, taking baby photos and videos, and making potato pulp and bean pulp for Louisette’s near future, I made potato salad for the first time. The ingredient list sparked wildly out of control, and I ended up with something only tangentially related to the recipe I’d found. The meal began around 3 in the afternoon, and wasn’t done until 8pm. It was exquisite.

Yes, I know that photo makes it look like it’s already been eaten. It hadn’t at the time, I swear.

I like the way the vegetables are cunningly disguised so there’s barely a hint of green.

So here’s MY recipe (minus interruptions):

Potato Salad (for a meal for four people)

4-5 medium potatoes

8 or more bacon rashers (more bacon is more betterer)

4 eggs

One-third of a cup mayo

One-third of a cup sour cream

One avocado

Fresh green beans


Spring onions



  1. Boil water – with eggs in it from the beginning of the heating process.
  2. When the eggs have boiled for four or five minutes, take them out (peel one and cut it in half to check all is well) using tongs (to keep the water).
  3. Meanwhile wash, peel , and cube potatoes.
  4. Put potatoes in the hot water. Rinse eggs under cold water a few times (so there’s no dark ring around the yolk).
  5. When the water boils again, boil potatoes for 15 minutes and then drain them and put them into the serving bowl and in the fridge for one hour (or freezer for ten minutes) or longer. Or shorter. Or don’t use the fridge, because it’s probably bad for it.
  6. Meanwhile, cut the bacon into squares and fry it.
  7. While it’s frying, cut up all your veggies and peel and cut up the boiled eggs.
  8. Put eggs, bacon, and veggies in with the potatoes.
  9. Mix mayo, sour cream, sage, and chives together, then add to potato bowl and mix it all up. Add more ingredients if necessary, and check taste.
  10. Wipe the rim of the bowl if you’re that kind of person.

This takes about an hour altogether, and is fairly labour intensive. It looks better if you save the bacon and avocado (especially the avocado, which tends to vanish) and put them in a separate layer on top.

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4 thoughts on “Potato Salad

  1. Start with bacon bits from the supermarket to save time (and it’s cheaper than real bacon!).

    I’m definitely glad to hear that you’re well back onto eating whatever the hell you want. Isn’t food wonderful? I remember a long time ago you telling me something along the lines of ‘Isn’t it awesome that we’re made so not only do we have to eat three times a day, but we have to eat stuff that gives us pleasure?!” That’s pretty much it, isn’t it? In order to live, we have to do something fun. I feel sad for people who can’t taste things. I really do.

    1. W: An inability to taste would be truly awful. Imagine not being able to taste chocolate? Worse than the worst diet in the world.

  2. Given that I was the inspiration for this epiphany, I would add that my version always includes sundried tomatoes, and often involves cream cheese (makes it a thicker sauce), crumbled feta (for salty goodness) and peas (peas make anything better – coolest vegetable ever!)

    I’m glad you enjoyed your foray into potato salad making 😀

    (and yes, I’m very definitely taking credit for this idea. I could see the wheels turning behind your eyes at the discussion of potato saladas part of the Christmas fare)

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