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We have two cats: Indah, who is grey, grumpy, and close to fifteen years old; and Ana, who is fluffy, friendly, and not overly gifted in the brain department. From the time I was pregnant, Ana began mucking up – she stayed out on the town for several nights at a time; she visibly lost weight; she grew ill; she got into fights. All in all, she displayed a textbook case of sibling rivalry – she was no longer the youngest, cutest thing around. But she slowly, slowly came to accept this new beastie in her life, and discovered that the most efficient way to get patted was to drape herself elegantly within reach of the grabby thing. It’s a risky strategy, but both she and Louisette are getting much better at it.

Without further ado, the year in cats, from when Louisette was barely a month old:





IMG_0001_1 IMG_0002


On 2 Jan she had her first “educational moment” with Indah, who when provoked offered several warning meows and finally lashed out and drew two tiny dots of blood. Hopefully both of them learned from the experience – normally Indah is smart enough to move to higher ground much sooner. But Ana will now approach her for a pat:





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2 thoughts on “Top Cat Pics

  1. Many of those pictures are begging for captions. It’s also occasionally difficult to decide which one of the two is cuter (Louisette usually wins eventually).

    1. Indeed! You should have seen them this morning – Ana was rubbing up against her, then retreating, then repeating. Hilarious!

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