img_00031 img_0006 img_0017 img_0024 img_0027 img_0028 img_0033

1-2 months of age:

img_0034 img_0026 img_0019 img_0016 img_00034 img_0037

2-3 months of age:

img_0019_1 img_0010_1 img_0008_1 img_0024 img_0017 img_0008 img_0007 img_0006

3-4 months:

img_0038 img_0034 img_0031 img_0026 img_0025 img_0018 img_0016 img_0009 img_0006 img_00032

4-5 months:

img_0032 img_0021 img_0020 img_0019 img_0017 img_0016 img_0010 img_00031

5-6 months:

img_0032 img_0031 img_0012 img_0010 img_0005

6-7 months:

img_00091 img_00041 img_0037 img_0036 img_0033 img_0032 img_0025 img_00141

7-8 months:

img_0040 img_0029 img_0010 img_00061 img_00051

8-9 months:

img_0030 img_0026 img_0019 img_0014 img_0013 img_0006 img_0003 img_0045

9-10 months old:

img_00111 img_00063 img_00072 img_00062 img_00033 img_00025 img_00015 img_00041 img_0009 img_0007 img_0005 img_00021 img_00121

10-11 months:

img_00112 img_00093 img_00072 img_00062 img_00054 img_00101 img_00053

11-12 months:

c9.1.13.1 c8.1.13.2 c8.1.13.1 c4.1.13.3 c2.1.13.4 c2.1.13.2 c2.1.13.1 a21.12.12.2 a17.12.12 a16.12.12.4

IMG_0002 d15.1.13.9 d15.1.13.6


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