It’s been a while (due to the complexity of logging back on after forgetting one’s password, and also forgetting the password one needs to set a new password), so here’s a pretty pic for you.

The pregnancy is horrid, but I’m managing to scrape through at work – which means I’ll get eight months paid maternity leave! Wow.

I’m pretty sure someone shaved a small patch of the cat’s fur (Ana, of course – she’s been wandering about the neighbourhood making enemies). Who said life wasn’t full of mystery?

I’m studying a Cert 3 in childcare, reminding me that I’m much better at seeming to know things than actually knowing things. Which is. . . . nice? They keep refusing to send me more because I can knock over a (monthly) assignment in an evening. While nauseous. I wish I was as good at. . . something else. . . as I am at producing assignments. It’s pretty much my superpower. Since I plan to get a teaching degree after this, I’m grateful. A bit.

Louisette is a leader among her peers at day care, which makes me even more smug about her awesomeness than I already am. Whoever said toddlers couldn’t play together hasn’t met my kid – and her very sweet classmates. They love running around, and working together to fill containers with sand and/or water. The best part is when you see two tiny girls talking to each other. Her world is expanding enormously, and good for her. IMG_2707

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