Louisette tells a story

I’m reading a paperback version of “The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There” by Catherynne M. Valente because it’s the second book in a trilogy and only the first and third are available on my sweet, sweet kindle.

Louisette picked it up today and looked at the picture on the front (featuring the young female heroine), then when I offered to read it to her she said no, she’d read it to me. I realised at once what was about to happen: I was about to hear her invent a story for the first time!!!

She flipped through the pages and said, “The girl is talking.”

And that was that – her rather accurate guess at what the book contained.

A couple of minutes later I asked her to read the book again, and tell me what happened.

“The girl is in a house,” she said.
“What does she do next?” I asked.
“Then what happens?”
“She see a man.”
“Oh! And then what happens?”

That is truly the end of every good story in Louisette’s world at present. I’m delighted to have been there for her first story.

In other news, at dinner we were discussing the pork on her plate (I told her it came from pigs and she said that no, it came from her – she also “corrected” me on left and right today, and informed me that my song choices were wrong) and she said, “A long long time ago Daddy live on a farm with lots of sheep and a horse.” Not only is this a wonderful long sentence, but it is absolutely factually correct (at least as far as *I* know): CJ grew up on a sheep farm (and yes there was a horse too, at some stage – Louisette has seen the photos).

Speaking of dinner, here she is making a village out of zucchini and carrot slices (she made a tower first, then changed her design). Note the consistency of construction. I can truthfully say if anyone asks that Louisette loves her vegetables.

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