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I promised to post a link to STARSHIP ADVENTURES when it was a fully-functional gamebook. It is now… go play!

It was written by five people, including me, and is a cheesy sci-fi romp through time and space. You can choose to be male, female, or of a non-specified gender, and you can choose to be an awesome jetpack-wearing hero or a hard-nosed space captain wearing a unitard (or any combination of the above). Just watch out for brain leeches, nanobots, and carnivorous plants.

At the moment it’s easy and free to play it online through the link above AND editorial comments can still make a difference… so if you have any issues with it, tell me!

The enormous and impressive Interactive Fiction Comp is now online… and you can help judge all the entries!!


The Windhammer Prize is also open, and you can judge that too!! People new to IF can start there, because the stories are short and they’re in the form of ordinary documents, like old-style Choose Your Own Adventure (you’ll likely need pen and paper, however, as they do have some kind of game mechanics – each game will teach you from scratch how to play it).

Full confession: You don’t actually have to judge any stories in either of these contests (and you need to rate several for your vote to count, which helps to keep things fair)… you can just read them for free.


NB Please DON’T try and judge in such a way that you give my stories an unfair advantage – firstly because these are not popularity contests, and secondly because I believe my writing is good enough to do well on its own.

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