Ten Things Teen Writers Should Know

John Scalzi (NYT bestselling author) writes a good blog, with occasional writing advice. This is one of my favourites articles (you’ll have to click through to see the picture of young John Scalzi. Hm. It keeps crashing my computer when I try to cut and paste a section. Here’s the address again anyways: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2006/04/27/10-things-teenage-writers-should-know-about-writing/ AndContinue reading “Ten Things Teen Writers Should Know”

Is your writing good?

Literary agent and all-around nice lady Rachelle Gardner blogged an article today that asked the question, “How can you tell if your writing is any good?” Here is the link to that article. How do you learn to write? We talk so much about the business of publishing on this blog, but it always hasContinue reading “Is your writing good?”

Writing Historical Fiction

Depite its many gleeful anachronisms, steampunk is one form of historical fiction (which is why I wouldn’t recommend it to people who refuse to do research*) – so here’s a post by Glass Cases on doing it right. The full article is here. When You Should Go Back to the Future   Some of you may haveContinue reading “Writing Historical Fiction”

Why your first book sucks

I follow Rachelle Gardner‘s blog. She is a sweet, selfless literary agent*. I was quietly surprised to see her post on four reasons you shouldn’t even bother submitting the first novel you write. Given that, shortly afterwards, she posted an entry that mentioned her gentle surprise at meeting many writers who don’t even read books in their own genre,Continue reading “Why your first book sucks”

How to be awesome (here)

Today’s article is written by Nathan Bransford, who is a writer, ex-agent, and social media expert. It’s called “How to write a good blog comment” and I can heartily confess to rampant self-interest in sharing it here. Let’s begin: The art of writing blog comments may at first blush seem like a frivolous and unimportantContinue reading “How to be awesome (here)”

S#11: Paper Hat

Last night I took the entertainment section of the paper and made it more entertaining. CJ was kind enough to also model for me. The heading reads “Disney’s Last Princess”. It was quite an interesting article, saying that little girls no longer want to be princesses (unless they’re under five). Apparently “look pretty and findContinue reading “S#11: Paper Hat”

Three Things You Need to Begin a Novel

 Some people believe you should write an outline of every scene before you begin. Others believe you should flow with the tale as it happens. I think that plot is important enough to deserve conscious thought – but I also believe that almost anything can be fixed by editing. And if you’re writing your first novelContinue reading “Three Things You Need to Begin a Novel”

Advice for Beginning Novelists

I’ve decided to start posting writing advice whenever I feel like it. Here’s the beginning: 1. Successful writers generally make around $10,000 a year (see #2). 2. Around 1 in 10,000 slushpile manuscripts get published (at a conference recently, I discovered that a large publisher hadn’t accepted a single slushpile book in three years –Continue reading “Advice for Beginning Novelists”