Parental Advisory

This entry is all about child safety.

The first thing to remember is that my “Louise Curtis” pen-name will never write above a PG rating (generally for piratical violence, or it’d be a G rating throughout).

It should also be noted that I am a Christian and one of my characters is faintly based on Jesus (is there any more interesting person in history?) My first priority is to write an excellent story, but if you’re sensitive to religious themes it’s best you know one of the characters may be offensive to you – on a more subtle level than Aslan in the Narnia books.

“Felicity Bloomfield” writes for adults, and doesn’t hold back on topics. For an example, download “Tar”, a short story available at:

This is NOT NOT suitable for children.

I recommend the twittertale for age 10 and up.

Flashmob safety:

The flashmob is an open-invite event, so don’t assume everyone in a pirate person is well-meaning. There will be free (non-nut) lollies, but the peope I know and trust will be carrying my signature. If you email me in advance, I will send you a picture of it (and answer any other questions you have). My email address is fellissimo @ hotmail. com (no spaces).

If you are looking for me at the flashmob (eg for a copy of my signature so you know who to take lollies from), this is what I’ll be wearing:

Long black gloves, black corset, green lacy wrap (bare shoulders), full-length skirt in either dark green or dark red.

I’m also 175cm with long brown hair, so I’m pretty easy to spot (although when I show up I’ll have a baggy jumper over all but the skirt).


And while we’re here, here’s some more blogs I’ve been linking to:

WARNING: Blogs are the property of their writers and might not be G-rated. Most of them look okay to me (with the exception noted), and are rather good because they’re all written by writers.

Making Lemonade 

warning: the above is a crime blog, and is often upsetting.

(‘Hel’ is an abbreviation for ‘Helen’)

GREAT for brand-new twitter users.

GREAT for people (especially writers) who need help sorting out who to follow on twitter.

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