Interview with the main character

The narrator of the twitter tale is Ulandin (chosen as narrator mainly because his name is the longest). He will be telling the story in first person (“I. . . “)

Keep in mind that both Ulandin and “Louise Curtis” are technically fictional – Louise is MOSTLY me, but nicer. And a bit dumber (arguably).

Louise is a writer, so she has a cat. This cat has clearly heard one too many discussions of grammar.
Louise is a writer, so she has a cat. This cat has clearly heard one too many discussions of grammar.


This interview takes place in real time, just before “Tar” happens. “Tar” isn’t required reading. Nor is this – it’s not a story, just a bit of story flotsam.

 Interview with Ulandin, by the author (sort of):

It was a hot day, and everyone seemed to have passed out under the scattered trees. The heat was so thick I swam dreamily along the road, unable to walk quickly.

I found Ulandin under a tree (naturally), fixing a broken oar. He was only sixteen or so, but carried himself as if he was much older. I got the feeling that if he’d seen me coming he’d have hidden – he had the look of someone trying to be invisible. That impression vanished the instant he raised his eyes – striking golden eyes in a brown face.

Louise: Good afternoon.

Ulandin: Ma’am.

Louise: How long have you been working for Master Hinfar?

Ulandin: Since Mum died.

Louise: How old were you then?

Ulandin: Dunno. Don’t remember it.

Louise: So you’re a slave?

Ulandin: Figured that out yourself, did you?

Louise: Are you okay? Are you fed well?

Ulandin: Enough to work.

Louise: How would you describe your life?

Ulandin: Rather not.

Louise: Can I. . . er. . . bribe you or something?

Ulandin: Do you have a boat?

Louise: Um. . . no. I was thinking of food, or money. That kind of thing.

Ulandin: You know what a slave with money is?

Louise: What?

Ulandin: A thief. Then dead.

Louise: Oh. Never mind. But then why did you want a boat?

Ulandin: To be free.

Louise: Oh. I’m so sorry. Is there anyone who can help you – buy your freedom, or something?

Ulandin: Not on this island. Master Hinfar owns everyone, one way or another. Except. . . no. No-one.

Louise: Except who?

Ulandin: The girl who landed on the beach yesterday. She’s not from here. No-one knows where she’s from. Pretty, though – all big eyes and ringlets. But maybe the big eyes were because she was starving – another hour and she’d have died.

Louise: Where is she?

Ulandin: Master Hinfar took her away.

Louise: Will he make her a slave?

Ulandin: I don’t think he can. I don’t think anyone can.

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  1. Interesting. Ellusive. Ominous. It’s a nice teaser, so I think I’ll have to read some more, especially ‘Tar’.

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