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I already have a group of people who receive free short stories between 50 and 1000 words on the first day of the month. If you’d like to be part of the list (called “Felicitations” after my adult-writing name, Felicity Bloomfield), then email fellissimo[at] with “Felicitations Please” in the subject line.

NOTE: the list is NOT child-safe. If you want only G/PG stories, make sure you say so in the initial email.

Here’s a free sample (G-rated):

NAKED MAN IN THE BUSHES [a true story that happened to my friend]

There’s not much to do in Canberra.

     I walked home from Belconnen Interchange on a Wednesday night. It was ten o’clock, so there were no more buses. Drunk men were everywhere, and they all seemed to be stalking their ex-wives. They talked to contacts on mobiles. ‘Yes, she’s going toward Ginninderra Drive now. See if you can head her off.’

     My concern rose significantly when I noticed an adult male crouching in bushes by the roadside. He was nude.

     I kept my eyes forward and debated whether or not I should call someone. Unable to remember the number for the naked stalker hotline, I walked by on the other side of the road. A second naked man burst from a tree immediately in front of me and sprinted to the traffic island splitting Belconnen Way.

     ‘Marco!’ he yelled.

     ‘Polo!’ came the reply.


[This story was published in the “Short and Twisted” anthology 2007 by Celapene Press]

Published by Felicity Banks Books

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